Friday December 20th - Week 3 of 3
Warm Up
- 2 minute easy row
- 1 minute Goblet Squat Hold
- 10 Deadlifts with empty Barbell
- 10 Good Mornings

A. Deadlift
- Establish 1 Rep Max

B. Competition Day = Benchmark Workout (Last Completed 6/5)
For Time - 2k Row

After Class Strength and Conditioning
Skill Work: Choose One Movement and work for 8min AMRAP (Small Sets; Keep rest to minimum)

A. Handstand/HSPU/Handstand Walking Practice
B. Pull-ups/CTB Pull-ups/Bar Muscle Ups/Ring Muscle Ups
C. Knee Raises/Knees To Elbows/Toes To Bar
D. Rope Climbs
E. Double Unders

L-Sit - For Time Max Hold


• For myo-reps, the first set is called the "activation set." This set works you up to the prescribed rep range @ RPE 8.
• 10-12 reps is likely 62-68% of 1RM, 12-15 is likely 58-62%, and somewhere around 52-58% for 14-16 reps.
• After your activation set, rack the bar for 5 deep breaths (in and out), then do 3-5 reps, aiming for 5 reps. Re-rack the weight, rest for 5 breaths, repeat.
• The first time you hit 1 rep less than the first set of 3-5. In other words, if you hit 4 reps the first set and you hit 3 on the 2nd set, you're done. If you hit 4-4-3, you're done after the set of 3. If you hit 3-3-3-2, you're done after the double.

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